Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bangor Roller Derby makes skating look easy

Members of the Bangor Roller Derby league practice at the Skehan Recreation Center in Hampden. Micky Bedell | BDN

“Ok,” I said to myself, clinging nervously to the side of the bench at the Skehan Recreation Center in Hampden. The neon colored skates on my feet felt unfamiliar. I slowly rose from the bench and lurched forward slightly, wobbling until I regained my balance. “I feel like a newborn giraffe,” I said to no […]

#HeyBangor, did you know you have your own hashtag?

“It is sort of a silly story,” Diana Godin wrote to me in an email recently. Diana moved here from the Midwest in 2004. She started blogging when “the Internet was much smaller, and it felt like you could be friends with everyone.” When she started using Twitter, she treated the social media site like […]

I adopted a garden in downtown Bangor, and you should, too

This is the garden plot I adopted through the Adopt A Garden program. It's looking a little sad right now, but I'll be sprucing it up with pansies this Saturday at "The Big Dig."

Living on the second floor of a four-unit apartment building isn’t exactly conducive to gardening. I attempted planting vegetables in planters on my tiny deck last summer. They were mildly successful — if you consider two tomatoes, a green pepper and a handful of herbs mildly successful. I’ve always loved gardens. I regularly daydream about […]

New to Bangor? Here’s how to recycle here

These stickers let city workers know they can pick up your recyclables.

Moving to a new place is exciting. There’s an entirely new community of people to meet, places to visit and things to see. But then there are the other things, too — the “taking care of business” kind of stuff that you need to worry about. Such as recycling. When I was a child, I […]