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Bunyan, brews, businesses: How Greendrinks is making Bangor better

My usual weeknight plans include going home and melting into my couch. I save my weekends for fun excursions, but lately I’ve realized that a lot happens in Bangor during the week. Last Tuesday I went down to the Bangor waterfront and listened to the Bangor Band, and this Tuesday I attended another weeknight event […]

Bangor Band still entertaining 157 years later

The Bangor Band entertains concert-goers on Tuesday evening at the Bangor waterfront. Shelby Hartin|BDN

Attending a small high school had advantages. I was a three-sport athlete, a member of the drama organization and an enthusiastic contributor to my school band. My coaches, teachers and mentors understood that I was busy, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to arrive late to softball practice because I was at a drama rehearsal, […]

The Not So Empty Nest, a new Bangor gift shop, is full of Maine-made treasures

Handmade signs hang on the wall at The Not So Empty Nest, a new gift shop in Bangor. Shelby Hartin|BDN

Father’s Day always falls right around my dad’s birthday on June 14. I’m not the kind of person to lump together birthdays and holidays when they fall close together. I prefer instead to treat them separately and give my dad something for each. Thankfully a new gift shop recently opened in Bangor, and I knew […]

A glimpse into the Bangor Fire Department’s past

Great fire of 1911 in Bangor. Bangor Public Library

Bangor firefighter and paramedic Chandler Corriveau unlocked and opened the door to the Hose 5 Fire Museum on State Street in Bangor, and I took a step inside. Hulking fire engines filled the space, and firefighters battling flames filled the photos hanging on the walls. To the right a ticker tape machine sat enclosed in […]

Gosselin’s Bakery, a Bangor legacy, will sate your doughnut appetite

Yvette Stewart of Gosselin's Bakery stand in front of a variety of doughnuts at Gosselin's Bakery, a family owned business, on Tuesday morning. Shelby Hartin|BDN

As I sat at my desk at work and took a bite into a soft, sweet chocolate coconut doughnut, I couldn’t help but smile. It reminded me of the fresh doughnuts my mother brings home every so often from the Amish who live in the community I grew up in. My morning hadn’t started off […]