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Finding a piece of Ireland in Bangor, Maine

“I made it,” I thought to myself as I stepped off the plane in Dublin. I was tired — so very tired — but the day there had only just begun. I pushed away that feeling and reminded myself that I was finally in Ireland. I can hazily recall making my way through the airport […]

Bangor Band still entertaining 157 years later

The Bangor Band entertains concert-goers on Tuesday evening at the Bangor waterfront. Shelby Hartin|BDN

Attending a small high school had advantages. I was a three-sport athlete, a member of the drama organization and an enthusiastic contributor to my school band. My coaches, teachers and mentors understood that I was busy, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to arrive late to softball practice because I was at a drama rehearsal, […]

Pro Libris Bookshop one of Bangor’s hidden gems

Pro Libris Bookshop is located at 10 Third Street in Bangor and has been in operation since 1980.

Magic exists in this world. It smells like the dog-eared pages of a well-loved paperback and sounds like the muffled quiet found between stacks of secondhand books. I can get lost in a bookshop, scanning titles and running my finger along the spines of wizened hardcovers. I’ll sit on the floor between towers of stories, […]