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Bangor Band still entertaining 157 years later

The Bangor Band entertains concert-goers on Tuesday evening at the Bangor waterfront. Shelby Hartin|BDN

Attending a small high school had advantages. I was a three-sport athlete, a member of the drama organization and an enthusiastic contributor to my school band. My coaches, teachers and mentors understood that I was busy, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to arrive late to softball practice because I was at a drama rehearsal, […]

A glimpse into the Bangor Fire Department’s past

Great fire of 1911 in Bangor. Bangor Public Library

Bangor firefighter and paramedic Chandler Corriveau unlocked and opened the door to the Hose 5 Fire Museum on State Street in Bangor, and I took a step inside. Hulking fire engines filled the space, and firefighters battling flames filled the photos hanging on the walls. To the right a ticker tape machine sat enclosed in […]

Enduring legends of Bangor’s own ‘Lover’s Leap’

An old postcard, circa 1920, shows Lover's Leap and the old Maxfield tannery, which burned in the '70s. This photo is from the collection of Richard Shaw.

Forbidden love. The ever-enduring plotline traverses centuries and cultures, appearing in stories that help tell the story of a place and its people. Bangor, Maine, is no exception. I had heard of Lover’s Leap on the Kenduskeag Stream before. I meandered down the winding trail that hugs the banks of the stream last summer and […]