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Finding a piece of Ireland in Bangor, Maine

“I made it,” I thought to myself as I stepped off the plane in Dublin. I was tired — so very tired — but the day there had only just begun. I pushed away that feeling and reminded myself that I was finally in Ireland. I can hazily recall making my way through the airport […]

Find something unique at Retro Swagger in downtown Bangor

If you’re in search of a chair made out of cassette tapes, old records that have been transformed into functioning clocks, upcycled pallet furniture or some retro clothing finds, you don’t have to look any farther than downtown Bangor. Retro Swagger at 10 Harlow St. opened last November, and I’ve had my eye on it […]

Bangor Band still entertaining 157 years later

The Bangor Band entertains concert-goers on Tuesday evening at the Bangor waterfront. Shelby Hartin|BDN

Attending a small high school had advantages. I was a three-sport athlete, a member of the drama organization and an enthusiastic contributor to my school band. My coaches, teachers and mentors understood that I was busy, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to arrive late to softball practice because I was at a drama rehearsal, […]

A glimpse into the Bangor Fire Department’s past

Great fire of 1911 in Bangor. Bangor Public Library

Bangor firefighter and paramedic Chandler Corriveau unlocked and opened the door to the Hose 5 Fire Museum on State Street in Bangor, and I took a step inside. Hulking fire engines filled the space, and firefighters battling flames filled the photos hanging on the walls. To the right a ticker tape machine sat enclosed in […]

Gosselin’s Bakery, a Bangor legacy, will sate your doughnut appetite

Yvette Stewart of Gosselin's Bakery stand in front of a variety of doughnuts at Gosselin's Bakery, a family owned business, on Tuesday morning. Shelby Hartin|BDN

As I sat at my desk at work and took a bite into a soft, sweet chocolate coconut doughnut, I couldn’t help but smile. It reminded me of the fresh doughnuts my mother brings home every so often from the Amish who live in the community I grew up in. My morning hadn’t started off […]

Bangor Roller Derby makes skating look easy

Members of the Bangor Roller Derby league practice at the Skehan Recreation Center in Hampden. Micky Bedell | BDN

“Ok,” I said to myself, clinging nervously to the side of the bench at the Skehan Recreation Center in Hampden. The neon colored skates on my feet felt unfamiliar. I slowly rose from the bench and lurched forward slightly, wobbling until I regained my balance. “I feel like a newborn giraffe,” I said to no […]

I adopted a garden in downtown Bangor, and you should, too

This is the garden plot I adopted through the Adopt A Garden program. It's looking a little sad right now, but I'll be sprucing it up with pansies this Saturday at "The Big Dig."

Living on the second floor of a four-unit apartment building isn’t exactly conducive to gardening. I attempted planting vegetables in planters on my tiny deck last summer. They were mildly successful — if you consider two tomatoes, a green pepper and a handful of herbs mildly successful. I’ve always loved gardens. I regularly daydream about […]